Saturday, December 29, 2007

Red Carpet Convertible Corset

This project took a while because I had to redesign a few features. The front did not want to look the way it is now unless I recalculated the number of stitches and adjusted their sequence. I also increased a bit below the waist to accommodate for better fit.
I would not recommend this pattern for a beginner!
Yarn used is 100% silk from Sara's Yarns.
Needles size 8.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Härkmeri mittens

It took about two weeks (with other projects going on) to knit one mitten. The pattern comes from "Decorative crocheting" book by Marketta Luutonen. The whole idea of decorative or tapestry crochet is amazing! The most beautiful Korsnas sweaters are made this way. I love the fact that unlike Fair Isle knitting where you have length of yarn running behind your work, tapestry crochet allows for long interruptions in color with alternate yarn neatly tucked within the row. For my next pair (I am going to design it myself) I will use some of the smaller Fair Isle designs.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Maimu's Mittens

Just finished the first one, and had to post it: with all the holiday's craze I am not sure when the other one will be ready.
My inspiration was the wonderful pattern from the "Folk Knitting in Estonia" by Nancy Bush. I changed the pattern somewhat, and used different yarns: Romney wool (the natural color), Super Yak (the reddish one), and 100% camel (light brown). All yarns were heavier than required in the pattern resulting in much warmer fabric: just as I intended. I really enjoyed the pattern and the process; can't wait to finish the second mitten!