Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Art Nouveau" dress

This is my favorite project so far. One of the reasons: I had to work under time constrains, the dress was needed for my son's wedding in the middle of July. Well, it was challenging, and until a few days ago I did not know if I could finish on time. Now I feel relieved and proud.

A little bit about the design. An inspiration came from my friend Nata Mohn, and from a very talented group of crocheters from Osinka (Russina knitting and crochet community). However, the design is my own, and I loved the process of assembling elements into something unique. The threads used are Kanebo linen and Cebelia crochet
#20 in white.
A little about technique. I used various Irish crochet elements (patterns can be found online, and in books similar to "
Irish Crochet: Technique and Projects" by Priscilla Publishing Co.) The net I used is irregular: combinations of chain and double crochet. I made a pattern for a dress out of fabric, and used it to pin the elements down. The black cord decorating the dress is called "shnur gusenichka" in Russian, here is a very good description of how to make it.
I deliberately used white thread for the net; I wanted it to disappear on white background, so only "Art Nouveau" type flowers and elements will be visible.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Colonial Day spinning

I was demonstrating supported spindle spinning during Colonial Day fair in my elementary school. It was a lot of fun. Girls and boys (even more so!) were interested to see the tools and technique. I guess boys loved it because of an unusual tool.
I am wearing a Ukrainian folk blouse; it seemed a perfect fit for this type of event. A spinning wheel on a background is not mine; I only know the spindle...

Thanks my friend Vereteno for her inspiring online spinning lessons!