Thursday, June 01, 2006

“Kviten” top - picture and pattern

This top is a result of my "obsession" with Habu yarns: particularly "Gear Linen". When my son touched the yarn, he exclaimed: "It feels like a chain mail! Are you really going to knit with it?" It does feel stiff at first, but if you overcome the "initial shock", the feeling is not at all unpleasant. It is surprisingly pleasant to wear: not scratchy at all!
Apparently, it will become softer with washing; I will see. Honestly, I like it the way it is.
For those less adventurous, just use Hempathy in contrasting color.
A few apologies: I only provided measurements for one size – medium. I am giving just a very basic description of crochet elements: large and small circles and connecting chains.
Here is the pattern:

“Kviten” top by Tatyana Tadenev
© Tatyana Tadenev

The name of this sweater translates “April” in Ukrainian, my country of birth. “Kviten” literally means “a month of flowers”. I though of decorative shoulder accents being similar to flowers and giving justification to the name choice. The yarns I used complimented each other. Gear linen came from Habu Textiles. It has an unusual crinkle and somewhat stiff feel, but softens after wash. Hempathy by Elsebeth Lavold was a complimentary yarn, gently balancing the initial roughness of linen.

Note: I enjoy working with Habu yarns. However, if you are not in adventurous mode, you can substitute Gear linen with Hempathy of contrasting color.

Gauge: 22 sts over 4 inches / US # 3 needles

Yarns used: Gear Linen A-17 1/4.5 (# 11 Grape) 4 oz (S, M), 5 oz (L);
Hempathy 005 (Off White) 2 balls

Yarn substitution: any linen/cotton yarn that gives the same gauge.

Materials: US #3 circular needles; US size 0 crochet hook,tapestry needle


Sts – stitches
St - stitch
RS – right side
WS – wrong side
K – knit
P – purl

Patterns used:

Garter stitch: all rows knit

Back and Front:

Cast on 92 sts on size 3 needles using Long tail cast-on and Gear Linen.
Work even until piece measures 10 ins.
Switch to Hempathy yarn and continue as following: 42 sts of Hempathy, 8sts of Linen Gear, 42 sts of Hempathy. Continue for 12 rows. Cable cast on 5 sts at the beginning of next two rows for sleeves. Cable cast on another 3 sts at the beginning of rows 14 and 15. In row 51 continue with the Linen Gear across all sts.
In row 73 cast off middle 34 Sts. For the neck opening. Continue working on shoulders. In row 15 of the shoulder continue in the following manner: knit 9sts, cast off 10sts, knit another 9 sts. In row 26 close all remaining sts.


Iron front and back lightly to prepare for seams. Use mattress stitch to sew shoulder seams. You will have to rectangle openings on shoulders to insert crochet elements.

Crochet elements (make two):

Crochet 1 large circle (about 2 ins. in diameter), 2 medium circles (1.8 ins), and 2 small (1in). Connect them in freeform using chain st. Sew in position.

Optional: Use crochet hook #0 and “Crab Stitch” to decorate the neck.
“Crab stitch” or reverse single crochet: I did not use a foundation single crochet row, but started crab stitch over the cast-off neck edge. With the right side of the work facing you, working left to right, insert hook in next stitch to the right; yo, draw yarn through the stitch; yo, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook (1 reverse single crochet completed).

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